What’s your creative worth? Survey results released

Get fresh ideas on how to brief, manage and measure the effectiveness of your creative, plus understand the relationship between creative and ROI.

We’ve always held that good creative can positively contribute to a campaign’s ROI and usually we’re able to work with clients to prove it via analytics. But understandably, most of them aren’t keen to publish those results anywhere their competitors might find them. So we decided to take a different tack.

200 senior marketers shared their opinions on how they briefed, made and measured their creative. And most importantly, they revealed what creative did to the ROI of their campaigns. They answered a series of questions during July and August 2019 to contribute to our survey.

We combined the survey results with some of our own commentary in the first annual Genius Creative ROI Report. We’ve made this available for free, to help marketers understand how to make this critical element of a campaign work for them.