Genius Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Statement

Embracing Everyone

At Genius, diversity, equality and inclusion is baked into our company culture. This means we always operate from a place of inclusiveness, openness, and respect for every team member, contractor, client, partner and connection the business has.

We celebrate and embrace difference. We recognise that diversity of people leads to diversity of thought, which is the lifeblood of our company. We welcome talented people from any background or circumstance, seeing, accepting, encouraging, and supporting the beautiful mind behind every face.

We do not discriminate on any basis, save for aptitude and potential. We have no preferences for working with people of any particular age, gender, sex, faith, race, physical or mental characteristic, political outlook, or social background.

For our employees and contractors
We reward your ability to do your job to an excellent standard, your positive attitude when doing it, and your contribution to the ongoing health and happiness of the business, treating and paying all equally and fairly, aligned to your achievements against the success criteria defined for your role. We always consider the needs someone might have based on their unique set of characteristics and do our best to accommodate those needs, whether that’s time to pray during the day, providing flexible working, aiding them with physical accessibility requirements, or providing mental health support. In return, we ask that you treat everyone you interact with well. This means compassion, understanding, kindness, respect, and making them feel like a welcome, valued part of whatever you are doing. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, discrimination, and any conduct that makes someone else feel excluded on the basis of their characteristics.
Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion for all

We will always strive to make everyone we interact with feel valued, included, respected, and that you are treated equally among your peers. If at any time you feel we can do a better job of this, you’re very much encouraged to let us know. We know we’re not perfect. There’s always more to learn and a way to do things better! If your observation gives us the chance to improve, we’ll be very grateful to you for the opportunity to become a fairer, more inclusive company.

Emma Humphrey

Managing Director

October 2023