Revolutionizing Financial Services: The Future of B2B Fintech Marketing   

Fintech is an industry that is constantly evolving and needs an up-to-date B2B fintech marketing strategy in order to be competitive. Its ever-changing nature means that you’ll often need to revolutionise your marketing to stay competitive now and in the long-term. With this in mind, here are a few handy tips on how to stay relevant and be progressive in the competitive world of B2B fintech marketing.  

There is no one size fits all  

Despite what you might hear elsewhere, for B2B fintech marketing, there is no one size fits all approach. The world just doesn’t work that way. Instead, you need to make sure that your B2B fintech marketing approach is laser-focused on knowing and understanding the problems facing your audience, and how your solution fits in.  

Make sure that you have clear buyer personas and value propositions that break things down in an easy-to-digest manner, so you know the problems you can solve for your audience. You won’t have one answer for everyone, but it’s likely you’ll have multiple answers for different people in the decision-making unit. 

A ‘demo’ call to action is not always right  

You’ve seen it on other sites, and you may even do it on your own, the ‘book a demo’ call to action is used a lot, but is it really want the customer wants at this point?  

If the customer has just arrived on your site from a Google search, it’s possible they don’t know who you are, so the likelihood is that they’re not ready to jump straight into a demo. Instead, they need encouragement that you are the right fit and can provide for their needs not just now but for years to come.  

You need to judge where the customer is at and prepare them appropriately. Getting them to book a demo would be one of the last steps they would take before entering into the procurement process seriously. So, if they have just arrived and want to get to know you and your solution, what can you do to nudge them along to make a purchase? This might be something like a diagnostic quiz or a whitepaper related to their key challenges, as opposed to a demo. 

Does your personality shine?  

Often in B2B fintech marketing, several companies will compete for the same space and have an offer that answers the same challenge, albeit with different underlying technology. In this situation, the difference is your brand and how you come across. How do you compare to the competition? Have you checked what singles you out? 

Your personality, your people and how you present your services are key differentiators when it comes to overcoming the competition. If you offer a similar product or service, then this will make a big difference in who you’re targeting and how they will respond to you. Most fintech implementation projects are quite involved, so your prospective client needs to know you’re a company filled with people they can work with, both now and for the lifetime of the contract. Much of B2B fintech marketing can be a little soulless and feature heavy. So, make sure you put your best foot forward and present yourself in a way that helps the audience with a solution that is amplified by your personality and people. 

Create a visual identity to stand out  

There used to be a time when banks would all have a similar traditional look. Why?  It’s because it was what they believed customers wanted from a bank and what they trusted. This was also during a period where customers rarely switched banks, as they were often comfortable with where they were due to the hassle of moving. 

In recent years though the ability to transfer banks has become simpler, so it is now a viable option for many unlike before. As a result of easy switches, banks had to change and stand out. With more choice, distinctive branding has helped banks to stand alone and aid in reinforcing particular offers and incentives to switch. 

The fintech sector is similar, so you need to make sure that even though you are offering a comparable service to competitors, you look and feel differently to them, so your audience knows who you are through colour, design or other visual aids. Stand out.  

Have a B2B Fintech Marketing Strategy That’s Clever and Engages  

There is no doubt that you know what you’re talking about and can help people with your solution, but can you connect the dots between what you offer and people looking for a solution?  

Whether you want someone to take it off your hands and do the hard work for you, or just need help connecting the dots in a few places, let Genius help. We’ve partnered with a number of fintech companies in the past, and helped them to be big, stand out and resonate with their target market in unique and powerful ways. Ask us today for more information on what we can do for you.