The effect of creative on marketing ROI: A story from the stats

In our recent creative ROI survey, we asked marketers what impact they’d seen creative have on the ROI of their campaigns.


We asked whether good creative has a positive impact on campaign ROI and it came as no surprise that the answer was a resounding “yes”! This confirmed what we already knew. Great creative helps you to close more sales. This means marketers should be more confident when investing in a decent creative agency as opposed to trying to do things on the cheap. What you spend will come back and then some!


So, we know that investing in great creative will see you reap the rewards when it comes to campaign results. But can poor creative have a detrimental effect? The answer to this was yes also. This means that accepting a substandard execution, whether for time or budgetary reasons, or going forward without without proper research and strategy will definitely hurt your campaign results. It seems like common sense (and it is) but we often see a gap between what is known and what is done.  


Perhaps the most interesting question in this section of the survey was whether the respondents had noticed an ROI uplift when they used a clever idea as opposed to creative that was simply attractive. Clever creative delivered a better result for 86% of the marketers surveyed. We always try to find an idea that is clever and engaging for exactly that reason. Appealing to the emotional side of your prospective buyer and standing out with a smart execution as opposed to a simply stylish one will pay dividends. If you’re interested in reading the full survey report, you can get a copy here. We hope that this recent blog mini series has been useful and that you’ll take its findings to help you improve the way you use creative as part of your marketing.