Stop the clock

Do you remember Treasure Hunt on Channel 4?  Anneke Rice running around the country looking for clues?  Well 10-year-old me wanted to be Anneke Rice when I grew up.  Fast forward 30 years and I definitely do not have a camera crew filming my backside, whilst being out of breath in a jumpsuit, but sometimes I think it’s good to shout, “stop the clock”.

Are you doing the job that you wanted to do when you were 10 years old?  Chances are probably not, but do you ever ask yourself “How did I get here?”.  Do you think about what events, conversations, interviews, people, and possible “sliding doors” moments created the path to where you are right now?

Regardless of the industry you are in, how often do you stop and reflect on all that you have done in all your previous roles, up to this current one?  Not just the good times, the bonuses, the wins, and the great colleagues you have met, but the hard times, the late nights, long journeys, stressful meetings, deadlines, and the disappointment.  Somehow it all just merges into one thing – a livelihood.

Whatever you are doing for work right now (if you are lucky enough to be employed) and whether you are enjoying it or not, take a moment to reflect.  Stop the clock for five minutes and look back on what you have done, created, built, analysed, executed, and changed.  Be grateful for the opportunities and moments that have led you to this present one.

As we face another year of uncertainty, one thing we are certain of, and that is ourselves.  Whatever the future holds and wherever the future holds it, you can say you have had an interesting career to date.

So, with that in mind and just for today – I am going to stop the clock and be thankful.  You never know I might just order a yellow jumpsuit just for kicks.