Social Media Video Ads: 5 Tips To Get Your Campaign Started

Video’s Dominance in Social Media

Video on social media grabs an audience’s attention more than any other form of content. And it’s easy to see why. Studies have shown the average attention span for adults on social media is eight seconds. And the message within a video can be understood and contextualised in as little as three seconds or less.

Video has become such a natural part of the web browsing experience that advertisers can use it to quickly engage with their audience. Furthermore, advertisers can use social media video ads to connect to customers on a deeper level. When used right, it is a powerful way to curate the viewers buying journey.

So, how can a small business capitalise on this trend? Social media video ads should have certain elements to maximise effectiveness. Here are 5 tips for getting your social media video ad campaign started.


1.Decide on the purpose of your social media video ads

Firstly, decide on the purpose of your video ad before jumping ahead to the creative process and production elements. Do you want to increase brand awareness or drive an action?

For brand awareness and brand consideration:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Communicate your brand values
  • Share stories of customers testimonials and why you are loved.


For driving actions such as signing up or shopping:

  • Show how your product works
  • Explain how the customer will benefit from taking the action


2.Write a script and draft a storyboard

Next it’s time to decide if you want to create a live action video or animated one. Live action is an easier option to consider if you have a small budget. Then you can set about writing a script to guide the scenes, dialogue and voice-overs you want to include.

It can also be useful to create a storyboard before beginning the next stage. This will help you layout the visuals of your video. You can find storyboard software online, from web-based to mobile apps. Alternatively, you can download your own storyboard templates for free from various websites.

3. Start with a short-form video

Think about the type of video you want to create. For social media, it’s a good idea to start with short-form videos. Short-form video ads on social media are generally between 15-30 seconds in length. And research has shown that younger consumers prefer this short-form video format.

Short-form video ads can capture a viewer’s attention quickly. For social media a 15 second video ad can have a big impact. 

Moreover, it’s a lot cheaper to create a 15 second video on a budget than a longer one.  Short-form video ads are easier to distribute given their small file size. Also, they are easier for the viewer to digest and remember. Finally, your video should make sense with or without sound, given 85% of video on social media is watched without sound.

4. Content is the heart of a successful social media video ad campaign

On social media, viewers want to hear, read and watch stories of people. If you’re struggling to think of what to include in your short-form video content, think simplicity. Keep it concise, visually compelling and focus on the story. Even the simplest of videos can make a big impact by tapping into viewers emotions.

Matching your content to your video ad objectives, you could consider the following content:

    • Product Tutorials: A demonstration on how to use your product.
    • Behind-the-scenes: A look at how the product is made and the people who make it.
    • Customer testimonials: Showing how others interact and use your product or service.
    • Product launch: Introducing a new product or new line, sneak-peek of what’s to come.
    • Event promotion: Promoting an event in the lead up to it.
    • Live-stream video from an event: capture the atmosphere at live events. 


Here’s an example of a very effective, short-form, simple video ad from Jeni’s Ice Creams that appeals to the audience through the use of colour and music. 

 5. Use your budget strategically

Production quality is probably one of the most important factors to creating successful short-form video for social media. An experienced marketing agency, such as Genius Marketing,  can help you create engaging video ads. Enquire about how we can help you conceptualise, script, shoot and edit your footage. Adding music, effects, voice-over and animations to bring it to life.

Ultimately, the aim your video ad is to drive traffic to your site, online store or other lead generation landing page. And a positive return on investment from social means funnelling followers to the next stage in the buyer journey.

If you need help crafting your digital video advertising strategy, contact us at Genius Marketing today. We can help you design, create, manage and analyse all your social media ads. Have another 5 minutes to spare? Listen to our 5 Genius Tips in 5 minutes: Social Media Advertising: 

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