Our tips for a strong and successful 2023!

Over the last year our team have accomplished so much together. From winning awards, to taking on global campaigns and attending the B2B Expo together in London, we have a lot to be proud of!  

With 2023 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start setting new goals for success, both personally and for your business. What do you want to achieve? Here’s some food for thought as the Genius team bring you their top tips for success in 2023, along with their personal goals for the new year… 

Louise, Marketing Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… The best way for Genius to work with clients is through collaboration.  It is vital for us to feel a part of your organisation, so we can deliver the best marketing services to you and for you. 
  • My new year’s resolution… I want to work on house and do more DIY to improve it.  Plus, I want to focus on getting my health in tip top order. 

Craig, Copy Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… It’s important for creatives and clients to have an understanding of deadlines, so an honest conversation about when clients would like (or need) a piece of work to be completed by helps the process. It creates an understanding from the creative side about a demand that needs to be met, and from the client side about how long the process might take. It makes sure everyone is on the same page right from the start! It just makes the process smoother in general for both sides. 
  • My new year’s resolution… Away from sitting at a desk I like to keep myself active. And while my body can’t run around a football pitch for 90 minutes anymore, I do enjoy coaching football to keep myself busy in the evenings. As a result, in 2023 I am hoping to finish and achieve the UEFA B Football Coaching qualification which requires 4 (quite scary) in-situ visits where I’m assessed. Fingers crossed it all goes well! 

Emma, Original Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… Beware the budget cutters. If you’re not out there asking for prospective clients’ business, your competitors probably will be, and it’ll make the recession hurt more not less if you’re not given the resources to fight for new business or retain existing clients. 
  • My new year’s resolution… For 2023, I’m going to try and finally write a book. Had a couple of false starts, but fingers crossed this year is the year. 

Hannah, Digital Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… A lot of businesses focus on their brand when putting together digital marketing campaigns, and forget to consider their customer. Most algorithms optimise for user experience so future proof your digital marketing for 2023 by making sure you’re putting your customers wants/needs at the forefront of your content. 
  • My new year’s resolution… My goal for 2023 and beyond is to save up for a little campervan and go on more adventures 

Shane, Creative Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… If we’re working on a creative solution for you, talk directly to the creative involved. Sounds obvious but you’ll be amazed at how many agencies closet off the creatives and brief through an account handler, so you’re not talking to the source of your solution. At Genius we encourage it – it’s more transparent and quicker, and time is money after all. 
  • My new year’s resolution… Make 2024 😉 

Philippa, Organising Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… Always pay your marketing professionals on time 😉 
  • My new year’s resolution… For 2023 I’d like to win the lottery please…. 

Alex, Organising Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… Always challenge ideas to make them better. Push the boundaries of what you team can accomplish. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your team skills. 
  •  My new year’s resolution… Go someplace I have never been ☺ 

Laura, Digital Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… Get personal with your customers! Especially in email campaigns, personalised emails generate six times higher transaction rates than generic emails yet only an estimated 30% of brands use them. Some ideas for personalisation, using the prospect’s name, sending local deals, matching their location. 
  •  My new year’s resolution… I would like to pursue a higher diploma in UX/UI design. 

Rob, Design Genius

  • My top tip for 2023… My top tip ties in nicely with Shane, Louise and Craig’s, it’s all about communication everyone! From the initial briefing to ongoing meetings and emails, effective communication ensures that the development of the project is mapped out and everyone involved in the process, at whatever level, knows what’s going on and when to expect delivery. A project where someone says, “oh I thought you were doing that” or “where is it?!” is probably not going well… or certainly not as well as it should be! Communicating effectively avoids these sorts of scenarios occurring and helps to build strong relationships and ensure that expectations are managed, exceeded and targets met. It sounds obvious, and we’ve all been on a course for it, but it’s worth being a top tip as it should be a top priority too. 
  • My new year’s resolution… Is it too broad to say organise my life? 😉 Quit smoking, finally finish decorating my flat and go on a beachy holiday with someone adorable would be a cracking 2023 for me.