Make Your Mid Sized Business Stand Out From The Crowd In 2019

A challenge for many mid sized businesses is how they effectively differentiate themselves from the rest of their marketplace. And by effectively, we mean in a way that means more customers will choose them over the others in their space. Not that they’re the only ones with a neon orange logo or a really annoying jingle. The medium sized enterprise can’t claim to be one of the biggest, or offer the advantages of the smallest and most nimble players either. But all is not lost. Here we’re going to look at a few ways you might be able to re-position your business for 2019 that will allow you to have a true USP.
  1. You’re the only one to have something: Whether it’s a bit of kit, a star player on your staff or a particular element to your technology, service or physical location, if there’s something that you have that others don’t that’s a good starting point. However, a note of caution. You need to be able to explain why this difference makes a difference to your customer, particularly if it’s quite a technical point and they’re not a very expert audience.
  2. You’re the only one to do something: This is all about enhancing and differentiating your service offering, through guarantees, add-ons, changes to the standard terms and conditions of sale in your industry, anything that makes your offering more convenient or better value for the customer. It’s a simple enough thing to come up with, you just need to make sure it won’t cause problems in other areas of the business and that the rest of the team is on board with delivering it consistently.
  3. You’re the most extreme version of something: Most businesses automatically default to trying to be the cheapest, but there are many more interesting and effective versions of this technique to differentiate. You could be the quickest, the business with the best customer satisfaction rating, the business that’s rated the best place to work in your industry.
  4. You are the expert in something: Mid sized firms do well when they pick a niche and own it, growing their business by enlarging that niche into related  fields over time. This can allow them to boast expertise in a specific arena that outstrip those of their larger rivals.
  We hope that’s given you some new ideas to fuel your messaging for 2019, if you’re looking for more specific ideas and inspiration, we’d love to hear from you.