GENIUS reinvigorates interest in webinar attendance for its clients.


The Clients

Both of our clients are organisations dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the professional sphere. Their objectives are similar, both aiming to bring more women into the workforce (in technology and engineering respectively) and retain the talent that is already there.


The Challenge

It’s early 2022. Zoom fatigue has been “a thing” for over 12 months. Attendance of digital events is now optional, rather than the only game in town for professional development. As such, attendee numbers are hard to come by. But in order to achieve their objectives, both of our client organisations had to make them work.



We started with how the event content was presented, with copywriters delving deep into the value each webinar would offer to an individual attendee and presenting it in a clear, concise, and compelling way that was designed specifically around the different digital promotion channels used. The design elements had to be similarly punchy, looking different from what might be expected in the space. These were then taken by the marketing team and deployed to targeted audiences, with in-campaign testing of messaging and ad types further optimizing signups.


The Results

For one client, we were able to deliver over 350 registrations, whereas previous events had been attracting an average of 140. For another, the registrations were in excess of 660, in response to a target of 300, which had been set by the client prior to the campaign.

“It was fantastic to see such a huge audience turn up for our latest everywoman Tech Hub webinar. It proves that with the right topic, target audience and marketing, we can still achieve high attendance rates. Thanks Genius!”

Nicole Goodwin, Managing Director, Events & Digital Communities