GENIUS tackles an exciting new metaverse brand project, raising $14m in seed funding


About Rendezverse

The Rendezverse team has a big dream. They’re looking to completely transform the world of B2B events, leveraging Web3, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies to completely reinvent the old school week-long sclep to Vegas to do business.


The Challenge

In the world of Web3, things move at lightning speed. The Rendezverse team needed a meaningful identity and core brand presence. And they needed it fast. They asked us to create a brand with meaning and help them to explain their proposition in a way all their stakeholders could relate to.



We created a visual and verbal identity for the brand including design, copy and build for an initial website in under 6 weeks. The identity took inspiration from the very earliest of human artistic expressions, the handprints found on rock from some of our very earliest civilisations.

These were blended with a vibrant modern palette and digital typefaces to create a distinctive visual language for the brand. The written content had to take a very complex and ambitious project, of wide scope, and translate it into relatable language and defined sections to aid comprehension.

“Everyone that we have worked with at Genius are exactly what we needed from a marketing agency. We have a significant in-house marketing team ourselves. However, when we have a new brand or project the first thing we do is call Emma. Somehow, she always finds the right designer, copywriter and web developers to deliver exactly what we need by when we need it and in.”

Peter Gould, CEO, Rendezverse


The Results

The combination of the strength of the proposition and how it had been brought to life allowed the Rendezverse team to raise $14 million in seed funding in just one week. We’re now both looking forward to the imminent second phase of the website development and waiting with baited breath to see the project become reality in 2023.

“Team Genius, I would call you team Magicians, both are spot on. Thanks for all your help this year, we would have been lost without you”

Peter Gould, CEO, Rendezverse