A Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Strategy The Genius Way


About BBB

Bigger Brighter Bolder is a membership organisation that’s had a measurable, proven and positive effect on business growth for 9 out of 10 of its members.

They offer a complete toolkit to build the business you want to run and boost earnings. Members enjoy all the benefits of courses, books, peer group support and coaching, for a fraction of the cost of doing these things individually.

The BBB team is led by George Swift and Tracey Miller who between them offer a 20-year track record of building small businesses into more fulfilling, more profitable and more owner-friendly organisations.


The Challenge

In 2020, the world changed unrecognisably. As an organisation that had been positioned as an extreme business growth engine for the previous decade, Bigger Brighter Bolder found itself out of step with the market reality. The team knew they had to meet the market where it was to sustain its own business growth. With this in mind, it turned to Genius for help in revamping its positioning and brand.

“If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level or evolving your business from a brand perspective, I think you’ll be mental to not have a conversation with Genius.”

Tracey Millar, Managing Director, BBB



The project began with in depth market research, exploring the existing customer base, their peers in the market who were not yet members and a fresh group of prospects aligned with a new product BBB wanted to launch as part of its repositioning and rebrand exercise.

The research revealed key insights as to what the market wanted from a membership organisation like BBB and this information was used to build out a brand strategy and positioning piece, subsequently reflected across all key copy in the marketing arsenal from websites, to brochures, to social media.

Genius also worked hand in glove with BBB’s existing graphic designer to create the visual elements of the brand.

“We’d never done a proper project to really understand our market. We’d done a bit of branding, getting our logo and colours right, and we thought that was what branding was. We really didn’t know any different until we started this journey and started to understand what it was possible for a brand to deliver to the business.” – Tracey Miller, MD


The Results

“I started using our new messaging as soon as it was available, weaving it into my sales process even before the official launch.

The impact was immediate. Conversations were easier. People were making a decision more quickly. Then when the website went live, we closed a sale on our new Launch product straight off the site. This person had literally just read up about the product and called me ready to buy. That has never happened before.

“We’ve always been a “roll your sleeves up” sales organisation, but with face-to-face meetings and networking on hold, we found we needed to be able to attract members through marketing. Our current messaging wasn’t resonating in the market like it had been and sales were getting tougher to close.”

Tracey Millar, Managing Director, BBB