Genius help Gym Plus give arm bands the elbow

Covid-19 sank membership sales, but great fitness clubs can find ways to stay afloat.


The Challenge

Fitness clubs were among the many instant casualties of the pandemic, being forced to shut their doors and being subject to endless speculation about their possible safety, even when they were allowed to re-open. This resulted in a loss of sales, a loss in members and a loss in confidence.



When COVID-19 kills your membership sales and your pool water kills COVID, swimming lessons are the perfect vehicle for a fight back. Enter a sweet, yet striking campaign with a touch of humour, that enabled Gym Plus to book out their swimming lessons to capacity, in spite of market conditions.

A clear strategy and clean creative brought a new and adaptable approach. Through print and digital ads, we subtly reminded parents that swimming is an essential safety skill for life, the subtext being that there are other dangers beyond the immediate virus issue. This campaign was reinforced with email marketing and dedicated website real estate to explain the comparative safety of the pool environment.


The Results

Swimming lessons were booked to capacity in just 2 weeks, providing a valuable revenue injection to the clubs.

“Fantastic creative ideas and production. Great support. Thoroughly recommend”.
Sandra Dunne, Managing Director, Gym Plus