What We Do

Genius helps sustainable companies with clever, impactful products and services. We turn the complex into simple, saleable, relatable concepts that customers buy into.

We turn techie talk into relatable, human stories that sell. To customers, to investors, to the world. We’ve won national-level awards for it, and we’ve never worked with a company where we didn’t immediately grasp the value of what they do, so there’s no need to spend days explaining yourself.


We get into the nitty gritty of the pain your clients are in, plus how you solve those problems. Then we figure out the best way to communicate that, using killer copy and drool-worthy design to help customers through the journey to purchase and into becoming a lifelong fan of your work.
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Sales Collateral
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Investor Marketing
  • Awards & Case Studies
  • Content & Social

Let’s grease the wheels on those deals

Whether you need to originate a new brand, make fundamental improvements, or you just need to amplify the stuff you’ve already got right to speed deal flow, we’ve got your back.

We’ve built outstanding brands that have supported rapid scaling and successful funding rounds. We produce amazing ads, every type of marketing material under the sun, and some really slick sales enablement stuff too. If you need help with positioning, messaging, and making your offering easy to sell or invest in, you’ve come to the right place.

Get more done

Augment your capabilities and bandwidth with flexible, scalable support, tailored to your needs.

Many of our smaller and nonprofit clients have tiny marketing teams who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work and the number of disciplines they are expected to manage. Our teams act as an extension to yours, filling in the gaps across marketing strategy, planning, creative, and execution.

This might be to cover a short-term need, get a campaign launched, or as a longer-term solution that gives you a tailored, coordinated effort of talent and time from a whole team of digital, print, and web designers, copywriters, content creators, and many different types of marketing specialists, at rates not radically different from experienced freelancers.